Maximize Your Reimbursement & Ensure Coding Compliance

An audit does not have to be a scary word. It is a useful and powerful tool that allows you to see your current performance and improvement areas. Let us help you eradicate the stress from the unknown and provide you with recommendations and support to meet compliance regulations and maximize your reimbursement.

    • Validate you are capturing charges
    • Ensure your coding and documentation meet compliance requirements
    • Gain access to experts in Nebraska coding, billing, and compliance
    • Receive recommendations, education, and support
    • Stay ahead of payors and avoid red flags 
    • Ensure effective workflows between EMR, coding, and billing processes 
    • Understand the changes in current coding regulations
    • Effectively overturn and stop payor automatic down coding
    • Lower the rate of rejections and denials
    • Educate staff to focus on quality coding
    • Educate providers on documentation improvement 
    • Avoid payor audits by validating your code level assignments
    • Maximize your reimbursement

Get a pulse on the overall sustainability of your organization or target specific areas that you may feel you have greater risk in. 

  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • PPS Hospitals

Customize your audit experience to review individual provider performance or the performance of your practice as a whole. 

Take a deeper look at key audit “triggers” that are identified by payor data analytics. 

  • Rural Health Clinics
  • Private Practice
  • Specialty Clinics

This audit is a deep dive into your claims. By looking at them from all angles it will ensure confidence in both your billing compliance and accuracy in your reimbursement.

Healthcare is one of the most highly regulated industries in today’s world. Avoid penalties, sanctions, and exclusions by affirming your procedures and operations are compliant with all applicable rules, standards, laws, and regulations.

Our Audit Success Process

Our process allows for a smooth and effective means to establish your current performance level, and provide you with the recommendations, education, and tools to support your team to excellence.

Discovery Meeting:

Address the scope, identify any target areas or concerns, and gather information

Logistics Meeting:

Establish access to necessary data.


Review of documentation with contact for question or important findings

Final Audit Results:

Walk through the final report and findings


Customized coder, provider, and clinical staff education


Toolkits, Tip Sheets, Policies, and additional resources

Phone a Friend:

Available for additional questions on audit findings and support for a period after the audit