Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

We have lived in your shoes, and we get it. Your revenue cycle team is the lifeblood of your facility, and its performance has the ability to greatly impact the financial health of your organization. Our passion, creativity, and effective solutions empower teams and the organizations they serve to exceed expectations and achieve excellence.

What you can expect from ruralMED

Analysis on a Deeper Level

We do a deep dive into your processes, evaluate your team’s current knowledge base, and identify the areas in need of efficiencies. This allows us to provide the optimal solution that will build your team up.

Right Fit Solutions

Each organization is different, and we refuse to have a cookie-cutter approach. Our solutions are customized to work with your team’s and facilities processes.

Action Plan Execution Support

After receiving recommendations, the hardest part is executing the action plan. To us, this is the best part, and we want to support your team in carrying out the steps and solidifying your foundation for revenue cycle success.

Extension of Your Team

We don’t see ourselves as “outsiders,” instead we see ourselves as part of your team. Utilizing open communication, trust, and a deep level of understanding, we build strong relationships with your team.

A “Phone a Friend”

You gain access to the extensive experience of our team and we become your go-to resource for “off-the-cuff” questions.